The Helm "Grim Harvest"
$6.00 - $10.00

  • The Helm

The Helm "Grim Harvest"
$6.00 - $10.00

Hailing from Seattle, WA, The Helm have been pulverizing their audiences with their unique brand of music proving that hardcore bands don’t need to fit into any pre-designed molds. Although they boast a former member of one of the area’s landmark hardcore bands, Undertow, you wouldn’t know it by listening to them. They share more in common, musically-speaking, with band like Cursed or His Hero is Gone rather than their own former projects. Call this what you will; thrash, crust, grind, metal, hardcore, it doesn’t matter because it is none of the above and it is all of them at the same time.

1. Bright and Shining
2. Reading From the Minutes
3. Erode
4. Double-Blind
5. Footnote
6. Master of Ceremonies
7. Lament
8. Four on Horses
9. Mr. Smith
10. The Very End

Released: Spetemebr 26, 2006

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