I can't believe 5 years have come and gone since Unbroken played their last show. Four kids getting together and writing some of the worst music that you ever heard. Brian, Eric, and Todd used to do this band called Deadline that toured numerous garages and practice spaces in San Diego. After a few months of that, they wanted to try something new. I was friends with Brian at the time, and I had met Todd and Eric at a No Escape show. Brian said they needed a bass player, and I wasn’t doing anything at the time so I joined. We practiced a few times a week at Todd’s parents house and wrote some terrible songs. We still hadn’t come up with a name yet, and I don’t really remember how it came about. One thing that sticks out about the name was that we wanted to sound SxE and how we were unbroken because we were still SxE and bands like YOT, GB, etc weren’t anymore. I remember our first show was at this place called the Alano Club in North Park and it was pretty bad. We covered SxE Revenge and this kid grabbed the microphone and sat on the ground and refused to let anyone sing along because it wasn’t PC (oh, the ebullition days). Fast forward a few months, Brian is out of the band, we had no singer and we were supposed to record a 7” for New Age and a song on the “It’s For Life” comp. Besides not having a singer, we also felt that something was missing...another guitar player. Eric and Todd were friends with this kid Steven who would come and hang out every once and a while at our practices. We also knew this other kid named Dave, who was the singer of the infamous band known as RoundX2, that had just moved to San Diego . We thought he was a nice guy and might work out as a singer...and I’m glad we did, because he turned out to be a great vocalist and went fucking crazy when we played.

Our first show with Dave was at this place called Spanky’s in Riverside and it was with Undertow and Strife. It was one hell of a show for us and the beginning of what was to become some of the best years of our lives. So, with a solid line up of 5 friends, we set out recording and touring over the next four years. We played our last shows in the last days of November ‘95. It was a sad and well dressed occasion, but a celebration of something that meant nothing to some people (this might be stretching it) but it meant the world to others. There’s just hundreds of memories and stories to fill a decent sized book. Stories of broken hearts, attempted suicides, tour antics, studio yelling matches, and other tales. People ask me if I would go through the pain and strain all over again, and my answer is always a resounding yes. It’s now a grey November sky in ‘99 two days after my 27th birthday. I’m looking back with a smile on some very interesting and good times. Unbroken is now reduced to saying “hi” to each other every once and awhile. Todd Beattie is now married to a wonderful woman and doing well for himself, Dave Claibourn is living in the midwest where he is an avid mountain bike rider and is still playing in bands, Steven Andrew Miller is currently in Kill Holiday and is enjoying some great times, Eric Allen is sadly no longer with us, but his memory still runs as deep as the ocean for some of us and he is dearly missed. As for me, I am still right here where I always was, shows-work-book shows- is pretty much the routine of my life as it has been since ‘86. Thank you for reading this far and we hope this CD brings back memories of your lifes, your loves and your regrets.

See you in the pit,
Rob Moran - 1999

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