Jeff Salisbury - Vocals
Eddie Oropeza - Guitar
Nate Evans - Bass
Austin Angers - Drums

Skullcrack is a high energy hardcore punk/crossover thrash band from Southern California. Whipping out tightly constructed blasts of hardcore fused with thrash metal guitars and over the top antics. Skullcrack’s music lends itself to a wide range of extreme music fans.

Skullcrack quickly made themselves known by self-releasing their debut record CUT IT DOWN on their own imprint Adios Motherfucker Records. The eight songs of raw, over the top aggression earned praise from underground music authorities Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake. In the spring of 2017 Skullcrack released a second offering titled FULL BLAST, an ode to living life to the absolute extremes. On the back of these two releases Skullcrack has played dates throughout the west coast, southwest, and east coast as well as opening slots on tours with Ghoul, Vitamin X, Negative Approach, DRI, and Slapshot.

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