Shiners Club isn’t about repetition. Formed in the Spring of 2017 by ex-members of No For An Answer, Outspoken, Slapshot and Mean Season, the temptation would be there to expect something retro, something preachy, something old school hardcore. That aint Shiners Club. This veteran quartet of Dan O’Mahony, John Coyle, Colin Buis and Doug MacKinnon is jagged, is fresh, is coming out of left field. Owing as much to the likes of Black Flag, The Stooges and even the Murder City Devils as they do to any OC or Boston roots Shiners Club has forged a sound completely it’s own. On their debut LP ‘Can’t Have Nice Things’ one witnesses 12 songs of pure angst, aggression, and want delivered with the velocity of an errant howitzer shell.