With members of Ten Yard Fight, Drug Test, Hammer Bros., Since The Flood, Maintain, Black My Heart and Shere Kahn, Resist has the experience to craft a well-rounded, unique sound, and that’s just what they’ve done over the last few years. Hailing from Northern MA/Southern NH or more precisely the Merrimack Valley, this is a melodic, straightforward, straight edge hardcore band that isn't pulling any punches. In a time when many bands jump in headfirst and immediately release an LP, Resist has a philosophy of quality over quantity. Their debut release, "We Want Our World Back" is a 7-song ep that won't disappoint fans of the straight edge hardcore genre. Recorded at the Outpost, the release is packed with the perfect mixture of sing-a-longs and dance parts with lyrics that will hopefully make you stop and think after the dust has settled.