Twelve years removed from the trio's former band Gather, founding members Eva Hall, Dustin Hall, and Allan Viscarra, reunited with the simple idea of starting a new band. The enthusiasm amongst them for this new project to be a straight edge band was paramount even in it's earliest conception. Their only goal initially was to write and release a record, with no plans beyond that.

It wasn't until after the addition of Sean Lomeli and Joven that Power Alone finally felt like a complete band. Their desire to play music together outweighed the inconvenience of the long distances between them for band practice. Over the course of a year and countless hours of travel, together they completed eleven songs which would comprise their debut full length release, Rather Be Alone.

With the writing process done, it came time for the the band to agree on someone to handle the task of recording the album. Being familiar with and fans of his work, the band traveled to Buzzbomb Studios in Orange County to record with Paul Miner.

What started out as old friends wanting to get together to write a record, has quickly become a project that has taken on a life of its own. Though the future may be unclear, one thing that is not is their plan to continue writing, recording, and playing shows.

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