Formed shortly after the untimely demise of Undertow, Nineironspitfire was the culmination of five very different people's anger, inspiration, and angst. It was a time of ever changing hardcore in the great Northwest and the bands of that era stood as examples to that truth. The new sound of Seattle; noise, chaos, and unbridled anger were leaps away from the posi bands of yesteryear like Brotherhood and Refuse. Nineironspitfire were one of the front runners and helped lead the way into this new dawn.

One of the main problems that always plagued the band was the continually rotating door of band members. Original guitarist Chad Peterson who had been a recent transplant to the area from Southern California (where he had quit and later re-joined Strife) was the first main band departure. This opened the door however for former Undertow alumni, Mark Holcomb, to join the band. After recording their demo, Mark left the band and moved to New York to play in Shift. Welcome Ryan Frederickson. The next to go was Ryan Kraft who left the band right after the recording of their 7". Morgan Hendersn joined soon after but the line up didn't last all that long. Vocalist John Pettibone quit within the year. Down to a four-piece, Demain took over on vocals as well as guitar and this is the line up that toured the U.S. in '97 as well as recorded their final songs which was released on a split 7" with then newcomers, Botch.

They broke up not to long after that tour.