Derived from the strongest of elements, Adamantium is a band that defies categorization, fusing together the best of punk, metal and hardcore with intense honesty and emotion. The members of Adamantium have created a sound that is simply striking in its power, yet intrinsically personal in its vision. As the band prepares for the release of the new record, and yet another tour, we caught up with Aaron Lisi to catch a glimpse of what drives this incredible band...

As heavy as the music Adamantium composes, the bands moniker is one that undoubtedly begs for explanation to the uninitiated. "The name Adamantium came from our original bass player," Lisi says. "He was a comic book fan, and he derived the name from the X-Men character Wolverine, who’s skeleton and claws are made of what is supposedly the strongest form of metal known to man, Adamantium." Indeed the name is well-suited for a band that creates a stunning wall of sound with their use of metal-tinged, bass heavy rhythms. As Aaron explains, this undeniable sound is derived from the variable personalities that make up the band. "We try to incorporate more than just straight forward hardcore or metal on our records...the members of Adamantium range from many different musical tastes, so it reflects on our songs...I get bored when a band has the same song over and over on their’ll hear this even more on our new record." Early word on the new album suggests a musical departure of sorts from the songs found on Adamantium’s Indecision debut 'From the Depths of Depression'. The first album often evoked stark emotions and a deep heaviness, but Aaron believes the new album to be a much more cohesive effort, as the band continues to mature. "Adamantium is an ever evolving band that can hopefully keep taking its sound to another level as time goes on," Aaron explains. "We’ve had a couple of member changes and I believe that the sound of our new record differs quite a bit from the first one; the songs are a little more well written and incorporate more musical backgrounds than our original record." And with refreshing honesty, Aaron is quick to dispel attempts to simplify the current Adamantium sound found on ‘When It Rain, It Pours’. "I’m not going to reveal too much yet for you, I’m going to let everyone listen and form their own opinions." As they were with their debut, the band is excited to continue their association with Indecision Records, Adamantium fits exceptionally well into the roster of the label. "We became part of the Indecision family after label owner, Dave Mandel, saw us play back in December of 1997," Aaron explains. "We sent him a copy of our first 7" and he wrote us a letter saying how interested he was in doing our record, and we were overjoyed, to say the least. We couldn’t ask for anything more than having an amazing label and a best friend running it."

Given the extremely personable and pleasant nature of the members of Adamantium, it is no doubt important for the band to be able to nurture the valuable relationships between their band, the label and those on the Indecision roster. After recently wrapping up a tour stint with former label mates Death By Stereo (now on Epitaph), Aaron and Adamantium found that, not only was it the bands, but the individuals that comprise those they played with, that made the tour so satisfying. "This last tour was the most amazing time Adamantium has ever had," proclaims Aaron. Not only were the shows and everyone we met completely wonderful, but the bond that was made between Bane, Death By Stereo and us was more than any of us could have expected. I can’t begin to describe what amazing individuals all of them are." And in a true display of the style and enthusiasm of Adamantium, Aaron also offers some gracious words regarding up and coming bands that joined Adamantium on a few dates of their recent tour. "We also were fortunate to play with many great bands from around the country, one of them being The Hope Conspiracy. We became friends with this band right from the start, and everyone had better keep their eye out for them as they are touring the country with Converge in August." Given the honesty of Lisi and his bandmates, there is no doubt that we should indeed keep an eye out for this up and coming band. As for Adamantium, they will once again take their show on the road in the near future in support of ‘When It Rains, It Pours.’ This time, however, the band has proclaimed their desire to tour to overseas. "We are going to be on the road again by the end of the year, maybe in Europe if we can, and the US again if not."

As diverse as the talents that comprise Adamantium, so goes the bands from which they draw inspiration. "There are too many influences to mention here at this time," says Lisi. A couple would include anything from Quicksand to Turmoil to Today Is The Day, right now the old CD player has ‘OK Computer’ from Radiohead." While the band embraces a variety of ideals and personal motivations, they are not hindered by the need to express themselves as a group rooted in political or punk subculture. "Adamantium isn’t a band that takes its roots from anything particular," Aaron explains. "We aren’t a band with a strong political message or a band that stresses a Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle. Everyone in the band has something different that motivates them. But this is what makes the band tick, everyone incorporating their own ideas, in their own words and music." It is true that the combination of so many personal elements help Adamantium shy away from the trend of genre labeling that is so prevalent in the scene today. "So many bands fall into categories," continues Aaron. "And I think this is something that we try to stay away from. We want everyone to form their own ideas. I love to hear how people describe our sound and message, because its not an easy thing to do. Hopefully someone reading this will become interested enough to pick up our new record and listen for themselves." Indeed Adamantium are as intriguing a band as I have ever come across. Their honesty and good nature are nothing short of inspiring; and the intensity of the music they compose powerfully motivating.

- Michael Farr (, 2000